Monday, April 26, 2010

The Reincarnation of Saint Orlan

"Clearly Carnal Art does not inherit anything from the Christian tradition, against which it fights! Carnal Art points to religion's denial of the 'pleasures of the body', and puts the naked body in the spaces opened up through scientific discovery. Carnal Art does not inherit anything from hagiography through decapitations and other martyrs, it adds more than it takes away. Augmenting their powers instead of reducing them, Carnal Art is not self-mutilation.

Carnal Art transforms the body into language, reversing the Christian principle of 'the word made flesh', the flesh is made word. Only the voice of Orlan remains unchanged."

(Carnal Art Manifesto)

What are the religious implication of Carnal Art?
Why are Orlan's surgeries so difficult to watch?
Are her artistic and political goals furthered by her nine surgeries?

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