Sunday, April 25, 2010

Difference and Race, Difference and Culture

Renee Cox, HOTT-EN-TOT

Ellen Gallagher, Oh! Susanna.

Berni Seale, Girl, from Colour Me series

Berni Searle, installation from Colour Me

Glenn Ligon, Self-Portrait Exaggerating My Black Features/Self-Portrait exaggerating My White Features


Tania Bruguera, The Weight of Guilt (Untitled #2)

"My work is ephemeral not only because of the use of live actions or fragile materials but because of the ephemeral condition of any political 'truth'"

- Tania Bruguera, exerpt from Artist Statement

Zhang Huan
My America (Hard to Acclimatize)

Zhang Huan, Family Tree, 2000
Using the body as a canvas

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